HOQU For Advertisers

Affiliate Marketing Platform For Advertisers

Increase ROI and boost your sales by joining multiple affiliate networks with one unified account.

Benefits for advertisers

Unified account

Distribute your offers between various affiliate networks to boost your sales - all from one unified account

Hassle-free integration

Intergate your partners seamlessly, no matter what technologies they use: be it pixel, iFrame, API or s2s - we got you covered!

Performance optimization

Use HOQU summary, offer & campaign reporting as well as other multi-functional reports to analyze performance of each partner in real-time

Anti-Fraud Protection

To create exceptional and secure experience to our users, HOQU have integrated with the best fraud prevention tools in the industry

Flexible settings

The platform is constantly expanding its features based on user requirements. Have a request? We’ll add your desired feature in the shortest time.

Easy migration

Minimize the risks of migration - let us handle the hard work to protect your revenue and data when you move to HOQU

Features overview

Platform Management

  • Unlimited offers

    Create an unlimited number offers with no additional costs

  • Deeplinks

    Allow your affiliates to target traffic to specific in-app or on-site pages

  • Events tracking

    Track events before or after conversion to optimise your campaigns performance

  • Impression pixel

    Allow your affiliates track impressions of any advertiser and offer along with you

  • Advanced targeting

    Setup basic or extended targeting rules to optimize the performance of your advertising campaigns

  • Caps & overcap

    Set limits to offers based on conversions number or budget to stay in control of your spendings

  • Partners management

    Receive invoices from your partners right into your personal account

Integration Options

  • S2S integration
  • Pixel & iFrame integration
  • API integration
  • 3d parties integration

Reporting & Analytics

  • Advanced dashboard
  • Real-time data
  • Multi-functioned reports

Help & Support

  • 24/7 support
  • Individual onboarding session
  • Migration package on demand

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