Platform management
Unlimited number of partners and offers
Manage an unlimited number of partners and offers
Multi-currency and time zones
Support of any currencies and all time zones
Invitation links and user application form
Use invitation links to invite your partners, as well as user application form to meet your affiliates and advertisers
White label and custom domain
You can specify your domain for the affiliate program, as well as set up your own design. Additionally, you can set up a tracking link on your domain and set up the sending emails from your email address
Administrators and emloyees
Create an unlimited number of administrators, affiliate managers, and advertiser managers
Use one account to create and manage multiple networks
Privacy management
Manage the privacy of your network by configuring network and offers visibility settings for partners in the marketplace, upload your terms of use and privacy policy
S2S integration
The ability to receive conversion data via S2S (server-to-server) integration
Advanced targeting
Set install targeting by geo, devices, or connection type
To create exceptional and secure experience to our users, HOQU have integrated with the best fraud prevention tools in the industry.
Custom development
The platform is constantly expanding its features based on user requirements. Have a request? We’ll add your desired feature in the shortest time.
Set caps on time, conversion type, rate plans, and affiliates
In order not to lose untargeted traffic you can set a link to trafficback
Pixel and iFrame tracking
Get conversion data using a Pixel or iFrame installed on the partner's website
Google parallel tracking
Support for Google parallel tracking
Click API
Use Click API technology to provide direct links to partners
Cookieless tracking
Cookieless tracking technology support
Tracking of impressions and events
Analyze partner's ad campaigns impressions with the impression pixel. Track any event on your site with a simple integration
All types of payouts
Payouts support: fixed payout, revenue share, recurring payments
Tools for affiliates
Wide range of tools for affiliates: landings, pre-landings, promo codes, banners, feeds, mailings
The ability to use one affiliate link for several offers. The system automatically determines where to direct traffic for better monetization
Real-time data
Real-time tracking of the most important traffic parameters
Multifunctional reports
An advanced set of data of conversions with various grouping and sorting (by day, affiliates, offers, campaigns, etc.), an extended set of filters
Uploading reports to Excel
The ability to upload reports in Excel format for further analysis
Event logging
Saving all event data
Logging of all clicks
Saving all clicks data (IP, user agent, etc.)
Financial management
Payout to affiliates
Payout management tools for your affiliates
Payout automation
The ability automatically make payouts to affiliates through popular services, such as Capitalist
Invoices to advertisers
Invoice management: creating and management of invoices for advertisers, the ability to upload to PDF
Personal manager
Assistance and support of a personal manager at all stages of work
Support 24/7
24/7 support seven days a week for customers
Free onboarding
Free demonstrations of all features of HOQU, answers to all questions at your convenience
Migration of data on request
Full support for data migration from partner platforms: Tune, Affise, Cake, Admitad
Catalog of all networks, affiliate and referral programs created on the HOQU platform, as well as a catalog of all offers with advanced filters
Marketplace listing
The ability to add your network or affiliate program to the marketplace at any rate plan
Marketplace of offers
Automatic addition of all your offers to the marketplace at any rate plan
Instant start.
Trial without linking a bank card.
Personal manager.
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